(Last Updated: July 31, 2019)
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What are some good business ideas with low investment? For Beginners in India

  • Hi, I was just looking for some good business ideas with low investment in India. If anyone can share few genuine and practical ways to build a profitable business.

  • @anmol Hi, here are some business ideas that you can consider:

    • Hobby classes
    • Fitness centre
    • Online marketing
    • Mobile food service
      But, the type of business is primarily based on your interest and skill set. So, do the buisness wherein you can put constant efforts.

  • I also think about mobile food cort, what do you say ? But you need to make all that hard work by yourself for first few month at least then you can hire somebody to help you with. Then you can make more corts in high traffic places. But all this should come with testing and solid business plan to catch up everything.

  • @Punkeirang Yes, mobile food court seems to be a good idea. Some initial investment may be involved. But, you need to test this idea at a small level initially. This idea can especially click near busy office places wherein office staff looks for good lunch or food items at an affordable price. What do you think?

    Also, some points that come to my mind are:

    • Offering good quality of food material: If the taste and quality is great, you can grab returning customers.
    • At a fairly reasonable price: To survive in the competitive area.
    • Testing in office lunch hours: The best time to attract working individuals to your mobile food court.

    And yes, hard work is required in every business 🙂 So, that shouldn't be a point of concern.

  • I would say a blog. You can take courses online to learn SEO and market your blog. It would be a great and cheap investment

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