Sanjay said in What is ULIP? Full form, ULIP Meaning, Features & Benefits: @Tarun I too believe there are other best investment alternatives rather than putting money in ULIP. These last minute investments for claiming deductions are usually made in a hurry. So, one needs to be very careful while investing in any financial products. People get confused and just want to complete the 80C investment. That's it! This hurry leads to money being stuck up in not so good plans. Therefore, one needs to be cautious and not fall trap to it. We need to focus on our financial goals and then choose the best investment plan. Well put Sanjay couldn't agree more. It's high time to be aware of investments, rather than depend on other's advices. In this generation, common man or layman will be able to understand the basic stuffs easily, simply by self-research. No doubt we need expert guidance, but guidance should be taken for confirmation with research rather than depending on their decisions. That's the weakness most people have. Yeah, one needs to be cautious and not fall trap to it.