@Anmol Well said! I am also excited to see how all this goes. I mean how the new but very well known entrant like Paytm Money proves itself in the stock broking services. Indeed, a masterstroke that might have let the other stock brokers to rethink their business strategy for once. Paytm is all set to introduce stock broking on its platform. It has also received the broker membership of BSE and NSE. From business point of view: As per recent data, Zerodha emerged as the biggest discount broker in India based on active number of clients. And, Paytm Money is getting ready to compete with Zerodha. Hence, some cautious moves need to be taken by Zerodha and other stock brokers to maintain their existing position amidst newer players. From an investor point of view: The customers surely gain in all this. Since, companies need to focus on better product and service quality to sustain in the competitive market. So, ultimately, there's definitely some benefit for the end user in it.