Have you heard of "Zerodha Coin" a leading direct mutual fund platform in India? If yes, great! If not, I'll do a Zerodha Coin Review to better understand the features, charges and benefits of this investment tool. Internet has been the biggest boom of our time. We are living an era where all our needs (whether we want to buy a needle or buy a house property), the first thing we rush to is our laptop or mobile phone. So, why not use the same for investment needs. Let me take you through an online platform which provides us to invest and grow our income “Zerodha Coin”. Zerodha Coin Review Now, the first question which pops up is: What is Zerodha Coin? Zerodha is a Bangalore based company which started on 15th August 2010 is a trading company. It is said to be India’s largest discount broking company in terms of the number of users. In April 2017, Zerodha launched a new product for “Direct Mutual Fund Investments” and this is commonly called as “Zerodha Coin”. The product is nothing but an online platform which provides a direct mutual fund platform that lets individual buy mutual funds online directly from market. In simple words, it is an online platform to invest in mutual funds directly. And, the best part of this platform is that it has “NO distributors = NO Commission NO Brokerage” Zerodha Coin: What are the charges for using it? I know it sounds unrealistic, but believe it! Zerodha coin is free of cost, irrespective of the invested amount. Thus, all in all there are no hidden or indirect charges to operate and invest through coin. There used to be some charges earlier. But, from August 2018 Zerodha Coin has been made completely free I know! I know! The moment I said that Zerodha coin is highly liquid and good earning investment platform with no charges, you got excited. Now, your next question would be how can we get and use Zerodha coin? For trading in this product, you need to open your account on the online platform. Zerodha Coin: Features to Know The below are the features of Zerodha coin: 1. Higher return: As the additional cost of commission and brokerage is not there, the investment is to fetch comparatively higher value of return. 2. Option for investment: There are in all choices of over 39 Asset Management Companies (AMCs) and 2000 funds collectively to invest. 3. Easy & Flexible investment: These investment schemes can be broken into smaller regular instalment i.e. Systematic Investment Plan (SIP). The scheme can be easily be started, paused or stopped as per the financial capabilities and requirement. 4. Tax benefit: Any investment made under recognized Equity Linked Saving Scheme (ELSS) can be easily separated. The same can be claimed as exemption under Section 80C of Income Tax Act up to Rs.1.5 lakhs. 5. Easy Data Collation: The complete investment portfolio is presented in one consolidated statement which can be easily downloaded from the platform. 6. Collateral Security: All these investment products are stored in one DEMAT account. Thus the DEMAT account can be easily pledged against the loan account as security. So, as Warren Buffet rightly said “To be rich as him, you need to invest”. Hence, Zerodha Coin is a very user friendly platform with almost no commission charges which helps us to earn more. And yes, don't forget to have a look at Zerodha Kite 3 Review What can you about this direct mutual fund platform? Isn’t this product worth a try? Have you tried Zerodha Coin? You can easily download the Zerodha Coin app on Google play store or app store for iOS devices.