Salaried individuals have a fixed monthly cash flow to meet their expenses and save for various life goals. They can save money for their retirement through the Employee Provident Fund. However, savings in today’s time cannot be sufficient enough to take care of major expenses like child education, purchase of a house, or critical illness. Hence, one has to be in search of options that can transform his/her savings into wealth. There are plenty of investment options like mutual funds, stock market, public provident fund, fixed deposits, national pension scheme, and ELSS funds. Therefore, depending on your target corpus and investment goals, you can select the avenue and invest the required money. However, before investing money in the following assets I would suggest you get life insurance. The only thing predictable in life is its sheer uncertainty. Regardless of how much you earn, no one knows what the future holds. Your family is dependent on you for all the basic needs, hence it is your responsibility to secure their future even in your absence. Hence, you can buy insurance and safeguard your family’s future. These days process of buying insurance is paperless, hassle-free and fast.