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  • RE: List of Stock Exchanges in India: How many are there?

    @Tarun Hi, thanks for pointing out. Yes, Magadh Stock exchange was closed way back. So, we should discuss on active stock exchanges only.

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  • RE: Upwardly Review: Charges, App to Invest in Mutual Funds

    As of today, Upwardly has been acquired by Scripbox, the popular online investment platform.

    The whole team of Upwardly will work with Scripbox now. This seems to be a big and profitable move by the acquirer since this collaboration adds to their overall market presence and customer base.

    Don't you think this is a giant step, probably at the right time when other big market players like Zerodha and Paytm Money are gaining popularity? Do share your views.

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  • RE: What are best investment options for salaried person in India?

    @mohit-chauhan mutual fund investments are a way of investing into the stock markets only 😂

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  • RE: Myths about Financial planning

    @kvijay12345 please keep the discussions focussed to the topic of the forum. No soliciting please.

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  • How Blockchain is changing Finance Industry?

    "Blockchain" the underlying technology for cryptocurrency has been the talk of the town recently. Remember the 2017 huge crypto wave i.e. Bitcoin craze that took the financial markets by surprise. Bitcoin is just one use case of this blockchain technology. There are a number of use cases of this globally distributed ledger.
    Hence, there's a lot to know about this fast emerging technology.
    Here, you shall know about one use case i.e. blockchain and finance. How blockchain is changing the financial industry or is ready for it?
    1. Cryptocurrency: This has surely disrupted the financial markets. The use and acceptability of altcoins in some countries has made it even more popular. It is entering the payment system at a much faster pace than it was thought to be. While some other countries have plans to regulate it.
    2. Banking system: The global banking system is another area which is significantly getting affected by blockchain. A good example is popular cryptocurrency called "Ripple" that easily connects payments across different networks.
    3. Insurance sector & Other Financial institutions: Blockchain technology, a digital revolution that is changing the world and its impact on the financial industry is already seen. A number of global financial companies are actively testing to harness the maximum benefits of this robust blockchain technology.
    There are bright chances of spreading the use of blockchain to some mainstream financial utilities.
    What is your opinion on blockchain? Do you feel it as the next big thing in the financial industry around you? or Is it still in the nascent stage still to add much more to its features.
    Anyways, we can't deny the fact, that this digital transformation is all set to connect users across the globe.
    Let's see how fast and how far this can lead to in the coming days.

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  • RE: Hello All, Welcome to FINTRAKK Personal Finance Forum!

    FINTRAKK FORUM: IT'S COMPLETELY FREE TO JOIN ☺ An initiative to create financial awareness around! Topics explained in a simple language! You are invited to share your queries and ideas on any financial topics.
    Basic investment topics as well as a bit complex ones for the common man to understand easily. Keep discussing and be a part of our growing group!

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  • Hello All, Welcome to FINTRAKK Personal Finance Forum!

    Welcome to our Fintrakk Discussion Forum ☺

    Wish to discuss any personal finance topics? Have any queries in mind on the trending news or emerging matters in the financial world? You are at the right place! Go ahead and start sharing on any hot topics in any of the following categories:

    • Investment
    • Personal Finance
    • Taxation
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    • Financial/Investing & Other Books
    • Career in Finance/Accounting & related fields.**

    Any amazing investing/other experience or important point you wish our members to know? Feel free to discuss the same!

    What are you waiting for? Write your first post and be a part of our active and growing community!

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